Centre Manager with Academic duties (Share Centre)

United Kingdom
Centre Manager with Academic duties (Share Centre)
£19,500k - £23,400k (pro rata) Salary is negotiable depending on experience
Start Date: 
Length of Contract: 
4 weeks
End Date: 
No of vacancies: 
Job Description: 

This post is only open to those with the right to work in the EU


Director of Studies


Share Centre – Lisnaskea,  Co. Fermanagh


Approximately 42 hours over 6 days.

Responsible to:

Director of Studies at IhBelfast


£19,500k - £23,400k (pro rata) Salary is negotiable depending on experience

Background Information

Number of students:

12 international students and 6 local students per activity group. 12 students per class. Centre has capacity for 70-80 students.

Age of students:

12 to 17

Average number of weeks a student stays:

2 weeks


Residential at Share Centre

Level taught

Elementary to Advanced

Summary of course

Share programme adopts a combined CLIL/Dogme approach that aims to develop language skills based on: authentic experience of the learners: emerging language from the learners: and within a context of content learning. In the case of Share, content learning is based on the activities offered by the centre. Rather than study English language explicitly, students will be learning new skills (water sports, sailing, kayaking and wind surfing) through English. Students will be provided with a language review in the evening post day activities. The main aim of the course is to provide students with authentic and meaningful context with which to practice their existing language and build upon it.

Teachers will be expected to participate in all activities with their language group, to provide language support and grading when necessary. Before each activity, students will receive a briefing from qualified instructors which should be followed by a short summary by the language teacher in appropriately graded language to ensure the students understand the activity. They are expected to liaise closely with their instructors in order to exploit language aims as closely as possible.

Teaching main aims will be to collect emerging language and issues to be dealt with at the end of the day during the language review. Language should be mainly based on functions they can use in other contexts (e.g. for giving instructions, clarifying meaning, questions etc.). The language review should also involve environmental topics on which Share centre is based. A collaborative teaching and working environment is to be encouraged.

As residential staff, teachers will have access to Share facilities. As staff you are expected to maintain appropriate and professional conduct in Share centre at all times, including off duty periods in the evening.

Please see sample timetable below for more details. An average day will run from 8.30am to 7.30 pm depending on teacher training and activities. Your timetable will be subject to change in order to give teachers free time during the week. This will be organized by your director of studies and based on the activities the programme runs.

Food and board will be provided by Share centre. Please advise us of dietary requirements.

Academic duties

  • Provide academic support to ensure staff demonstrate teaching skills in accordance with International House Charter. Provide lesson observations and feedback when appropriate.  Ih Belfast undergoes yearly inspections during July in order to assess all courses offered.
  • Oversee placement testing when students arrive at centre.
  • Participate in delivery of induction for teachers and activity staff.
  • Ensure teaching staff have all materials and other resources set up and available for them.
  • Teaching as standby when required.
  • Ensure that teachers keep all academic records up to date and complete individual student reports as students leave.  This includes post lesson plans and registers.
  • Deliver teacher meetings and in house training. Regularity of teacher training will depend on teacher needs. This will be based on observations and teacher requests.
  • Support teachers with language analysis and awareness to deal with emerging language to effect. This is to ensure that ‘materials light/Dogme’ ethos of the course is adhered to as closely as possible.  

General Management

·        Oversee the running of the centre in conjunction with the Centre manager and Share staff.

·        Centre set up and close down.

·        Ensure the security and welfare of students, staff and clients at all times.

·        Ensure good employee relations are maintained with all staff.

·        Liaise with Share instructors and group leaders to ensure communication at all times.

·        Support Share staff with arrivals and settling in of students.

·        Act as an emergency point of contact on a rotational basis with the Centre Manager

·        Keep Director of Studies in Belfast up to date on any changes or developments during the course.

Below is a sample timetable. This outline is subject to change. The course is based on a two week program, which means students are divided into two groups (group one arrives for week 1 and 2 and group 2 arrives for week 2 and 3).

8am – 8.30am



9.30 – 10.00

Briefing for activity


9.50 – 10.00am

Language summary (if needed)


10am – 13.00

Activity (e.g. windsurfing)

Instructor and Teacher

13.00 – 14.00



14.00 – 14.30

Briefing for activity


14.30 – 14.45

Language summary (if needed)


15.00 – 17.00

Activity (Sailing)

Instructor and Teacher

17.00 – 18.00



18.30 – 20.00

Language review


20.00 – 21.00



As part of the program, all teachers will be expected to take part in camping trips. There will be two camping trips over the four weeks to include both groups.


·        DELTA or equivalent is essential.

·        Applicants must be eligible to work in the UK.

·        The nature of the programme means it involves a high level of energy and dedication. Applicants must have a sincere interest in the uniqueness of the academic programme as well as a willingness to show an example of enthusiasm and motivation to their learners during activities at all times.


  • Previous managerial experience or experience in a senior teaching role.
  •  Previous experience working with younger learners.
  •  Previous experience working within a flexible syllabus, or using a materials light approach that focusses on emerging language (Dogme) or CLIL approach. 
  • Previous experience working in a summer school environment.
  • Previous experience of promoting welfare and safeguarding children.

You will be expected to complete a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service). Academic induction will include training in safeguarding children regardless of previous training.

International House Belfast is an equal opportunities employer. You will be asked to complete an equal opportunities form in order to comply with our policy to ensure all employees are treated with the same respect, dignity and consideration.

Initial EFL Qualification Required: 
Trinity TESOL, or
IH Certificate, or
other equivalent qualification
Higher EFL Qualification Required: 
or other equivalent qualification
Additional Skills Preferred: 
Previous managerial experience or experience in a senior teaching role; Previous experience working with younger learners;Previous experience working within a flexible syllabus
Date Posted
Wed, 15/03/2017 - 12:46
Accommodation Details: 
Residential -Staying at Share Centre Village
Other Info:
Applicants must be eligible to work in the UK
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