Teacher of English

Teacher of English
60000 Rub per month net
Start Date: 
Length of Contract: 
9 months
End Date: 
No of vacancies: 
Job Description: 

IH Stavropol is looking to recruit 5 EFL teachers. These are predominantly YL posts for enthusiastic and committed teachers looking to hone existing skills and develop new ones. 24 hours a week from Monday - Saturday with one weekday reserved for planning, meetings and development workshops. Every effort will be made to block the classes, however, split-shifts are sometimes unavoidable. We are a busy school of 30 teachers and 1200 students on 2 IH sites. YL, adults and exam prep classes are the norm with one-to-one and business classes as well. Support and help with YL is a priority for our senior staff.

Initial EFL Qualification Required: 
Trinity TESOL, or
IH Certificate, or
other equivalent qualification
Other Qualifications Required: 
Young Learners
Date Posted
Thu, 16/03/2017 - 14:15
Visa Details: 
School provides teachers with the full visa support and pays any expenses incurred to acquire the visa
Flight Details: 
Pay the expenses incurred to acquire the documents for employment: the price of the airline return ticket from the country of residence to the place of work and back, the visa, HIV test
Holiday Pay Details: 
The Employee is entitled to 32 days of annual paid holiday after every 9 months of completed work.
Accommodation Details: 
The Employer provides the Employee with acceptable accommodation in accordance with social norm of living space. Utility, phone and the Internet is paid by the Employee
Other Info:
Other benefits include: - 100% discount for Russian classes - multiple-entry work visa - airport transfer - insurance fund - 24-hour emergency support
Our school English teacher Mel Salomon writes: ”The simple beauty of the city, the many forests, parks and the lovely old buildings, has always impressed me. I fell in love with Stavropol on my first day here, and after 10 years, that love has not faded with time! Today I’m happy to call Stavropol my home!” Stavropol is a city in the south of Russia, an administrative center of Stavropolsky krai as well as cultural, business and industrial center of the region. The mild climate, comfortable resorts and unique natural beauty makes living here very comfortable. Stavropol population is about 405,000. The city transportation is presented by buses, minivans and trolley-buses. The airport Stavropol (Shpakovskoye) is the air “gates” of the city.