YL, VYL and EFL teachers

Czech Republic
YL, VYL and EFL teachers
10,000 - 14,000CZK per month or 210-266 CZK per a 45-minute unit taught
Start Date: 
Length of Contract: 
6 months; contract can be extended
End Date: 
No of vacancies: 
Job Description: 

One year's post-qualification experience is required. Full mastery of English across all 4 skills to CEFR C2/IELTS band 9 required for this post.​ Due to visa restrictions we can accept applications from EU citizens only.  We also offer positions for self-employed teachers who are paid by the hour. This is a more usual and financially more attractive way of working as a teacher in the Czech Republic. For more information please see our website.

Experienced YL teachers to teach on our expanding kindergarten/primary school projects. Teaching children between the ages of 5 and 9 years. This primary teaching will consist of up to 80% of a teacher's timetable. Particular interest and experience in YL teaching is therefore essential. Other YL teaching is also available with the school's general afternoon YL classes (5-16 year olds). The remaining part of the timetable will be made up of adult classes. IH Prague teaches all types of classes so a teacher’s timetable may include everything from general to business English, YL and adult, 121 and exam classes. We also offer opportunities for involvement in teacher training, e-learning and various other projects. The ideal candidate will have CELTA + at least one year’s teaching experience.

The timetable consists of 26 45-minute units per week, however the lessons are of various length (from 45 minutes to 90 minutes).

A teacher has two timetabled standby slots per week. The position also involves approx. 3 hours per week of administration and compulsory training and a number of optional regular workshops taking place on Fridays. Once a month there is a compulsory staff meeting.

A teacher has on average 4 split shifts a week. Company teaching can start at 7.00am. The last in-school class  finishes by 20.30. The kindergarten teachers are likely to have three ‘blocks’ of teaching during the mornings. Teaching is usually Monday to Friday, with exceptional Saturday teaching.

The salary quoted is dependent on qualifications and experience. 


We cover the cost of a travel pass for Prague and the school reimburses any travel costs incurred by teaching outside  Prague. Other monthly benefits include: luncheon vouchers (27.50kc per working day), Czech lessons ( 2 teaching hours per week for teachers starting in September and October, or in January if there is enough interest), 50% reduction on other language courses, reduction of up to 90% on certificated training courses (e.g. IHCYLT).

Bonuses are paid only for contracts longer than 6 months. The bonus represents about 50% of a months salary. There is also a system of loyalty bonus in place starting after 2 years of service.

Self-employed teachers (full-time)

Are provided with free Czech lessons ( 2 teaching hours per week for teachers starting in September and October, or in January if there is enough interest), 50% reduction on other language courses, reduction of up to 90%on certificated training courses (e.g. IHCYLT). They are also provided with assistance with getting the business licence and assistance with finding accommodation. Holiday pay is included in the hourly rate.


Initial EFL Qualification Required: 
Trinity TESOL, or
IH Certificate, or
other equivalent qualification.
Additional Skills Preferred: 
Experience teaching YLs is preferred however strong newly qualified applicants (CELTA grade A or B) also considered for these posts.
Degree preferred but not essential.
Date Posted
Fri, 29/09/2017 - 16:09
Flight Details: 
For a contract longer than 6 months we reimburse up to 5000 crowns for an EU citizen and up to 7000 for non-EU citizen towards travel costs on presentation of the ticket.
Holiday Pay Details: 
For each complete calendar month worked a teacher/employee accrues 2.1 days holiday so in a 10-month contract there are 21 days holidays plus state holidays.
Accommodation Details: 
is provided to employees free of charge in a shared flat. Each teacher has their own room with the amenities being shared. A teacher needs to pay a deposit of 5,000 CZK. Please check our website.
Other Info:
The school is located in a residential area in Prague 4, surrounded on all sides by a garden with trees and benches. The next-door building houses a large library and a cafe. It is a five-minute walk from a metro station, which is just 10 minutes from the city centre All the important shops, cafés and restaurants are conveniently located near the metro station.