Jobs in EFL

Different Teaching Jobs in Language Schools

Many of the positions on our website are for a standard teaching contract. This will normally involve a variety of classes with some children as well as adults. However some positions are more specialised, such as those below. 

YL Teacher

An EFL teacher who is specifically recruited to teach Young Learners i.e. students aged 16 and younger.  VYL refers to Very Young Learners and is applied to learners aged 6 and below.  YL teachers should be aware of the needs of YLs and how to plan lessons accordingly.

ESP teacher

An EFL teacher who is recruited to teach English for Specific Purposes.  ESP covers a whole range of different contexts.  An ESP teacher could be teaching cabin crew for an international airline and would need to focus on the language the student would use in this context e.g. Emergency Exit instructions, serving drinks, etc.

Business English Teacher

An EFL teacher who is specifically recruited to teach Business English to students.  These lessons could take place in the school or may be held off-site, often in the client’s workplace.  A Business English teacher would be expected to have experience of teaching this kind of class and knowledge of the business world and related vocabulary.

Senior Teacher

An EFL teacher with some experience following their initial qualification.  The exact job description will vary from school to school, but is likely to include some responsibility including informal mentoring of new staff.

Teacher Trainer

An experienced practitioner with considerable experience of a variety of levels and class types who is in a position to offer training to other teachers.  This may be in a formal context such as a CELTA or DELTA trainer or it may be as an in-house Teacher Trainer at a school with a large staff.  Additionally this role could require training teachers in other organisations.

ADOS – Assistant Director of Studies

The ADOS supports the DOS in their role.  The job description and the number of ADOSes will depend on the school, but this position is likely to involve mentoring, responsibility for courses, observation and possibly some teacher training.

DOS – Director of Studies

The DOS manages the running of all academic aspects of the school.  They will be responsible for managing some or all of the staff, deciding on course provision, timetabling, standards, etc.  A school will generally only have one DOS, but may have more if the school is large.